Revealed: plans to suspend new Sydney Stadium over Central Station


Australian architecture practice Bates Smart has drawn up plans for a 45,000-seat stadium suspended over the rail yards of Sydney’s Central Station. The design follows the New South Wales Government’s announcement that it plans to demolish and replace the existing main Sydney Football Stadium, which is in the southeast of the city. This proposed redevelopment would cost A$705m (US$505m).

Bates Smart believes there are three main issues with the government’s proposal: the existing venue, Moore Park Stadium, is not well serviced by public transport; the redevelopment does not harness wider economic benefits for urban or infrastructural renewal; and Moore Park Stadium lacks local entertainment and hospitality venues that would add to the game experience and maximize visitor expenditure.

According to Bates Smart, moving the stadium to Central Station Railyards would have huge public and economic benefits for Sydney and New South Wales. It would be served directly by all of Sydney’s rail lines, buses and the light rail.

Constructing a new stadium at a different location would allow Moore Park to continue operating without interruption. According to Bates Smart, upon completion of the new venue, Moore Park and its car parking areas could become, once more, public parklands, benefiting the local community.

Under the terms of the proposal, Bates Smart would be granted the development rights for Central Railyards in return for constructing the new stadium.

By Tara Craig

September 14, 2018


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