University of Dayton reveals arena upgrades


The University of Dayton has announced a series of new displays, manufactured and installed by Daktronics. The university will receive a new nine-display centerhung system, two ribbon displays, four basketball stanchion displays and five digital scorer’s tables.

“Our fans will be impressed by what this new system has to offer,” said Scott DeBolt, senior associate athletics director and director of UD Arena. “We are more than doubling our capacity to relay information during events. With all those elements, there will be plenty of graphics and videos that we can throw out there to keep folks informed of stats, out-of-town scores, replays, sponsors, upcoming events, promotions, you name it.”

The centerhung will comprise four main displays, each with 6mm line spacing and measuring 13.5ft high by 20ft wide. Four 6mm displays will fill the corners between the main displays, while a lower ring display will encircle the assembly, with 10mm line spacing, measuring 3ft high by 75ft wide.

“We’re excited to continue our relationship with the University of Dayton by upgrading the LED displays in their arena,” added Daktronics regional sales manager Daryl Mihal.

“These additions will ensure fans and student-athletes are receiving the best game-day experience possible. We’re excited for the upcoming season as they unveil the upgrades for the first time.”

The main centerhung displays are capable of variable content zoning allowing them to show one large image or to be divided into multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replays, game statistics and information, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

The two ribbon displays along the seating fascia each feature 15mm line spacing and measure 3ft high by 100ft wide.

The four stanchion displays mounted to the basketball hoop’s support structure each measure 1ft high and 3ft wide with 6mm line spacing. The scorer’s tables, which can be arranged in multiple configurations, include 6mm line spacing and measure 2ft high by 9ft wide.

Corner displays, ring display, ribbon displays and scorer’s tables will provide complementary statistics and information to supplement the main displays, and will provide sponsorship opportunities.

October 25, 2017

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